Type 2 (62196-2) to Type 2 (62196-2) 3x16A Electric Vehicle Charging Plugs/ 11kW

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Type 2 - Type 2 - 3x16A

You can easily connect all vehicles with a Type 2 connector at public charging stations or charging stations with charging sockets using this high quality cable from R-EVC. The robust and durable charging cable is 5m in length, so that you can easily connect your vehicle in hard-to-reach parking and charging areas.

- Cable length: 5 m

- Connection cable between the electric car and charging station (not an extension cable)

- Type 2 plug at the vehicle

- Type 2 at the charging station

- Mode 3 charging according to IEC 61851-1

- Top-quality cable

- CE-certified

The charging cable is not an extension cable

Please note that the charging cable is not an extension cable and can only be used as a direct connection between the charging station and your electric car.


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