When will I receive the goods?

The delivery date is usually 2-3 days from acceptance of the order. You will be informed if the delivery time changes.

Check the goods immediately after the takeover.

If you find any damage on the shipment, instantly check the content of the delivery to find out whether the goods had been damaged during the transportation. If so, inform both the carrier and us straightway. Please send us a letter to our contact address or write us an email within two days at latest to inform us about it.


What is the warranty period?

The goods are under warranty for 24 months and it starts by the day when you receive the goods. It applies only to manufacturing defects. And it does not include defects caused by normal wear and tear, improper manipulation, usage of the product or its storage.


How to proceed in the case of complaint?

If you want to claim the goods, you must return them in original packaging together with the receipt. The complaint letter must contain the day of delivery of the goods, the name of the product and a description of the defect. If the claim will be acknowledged, the goods will be exchanged for new or you will get your money back.

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